Les événements



Select Talks & Presentations
  • 2022    “Re-Worlding Through Maghrebi Cultural Journals” 10th International ESPRit Conference, Budapest.
  • 2022    “(Non-)Aligned in Print: Anti-Colonial Aesthetics in Souffles-Anfas (1966-1971),” Revolutionary Papers Conference, Cape Town.
  • 2022    “Literary Worlds and World Literature: Al-ʿAlam al-Adabī (1930-1936),” The Journal as Form: Re-Thinking Approaches to the Study of Arabic Periodicals, Eume at the Forum Transregionale Studien Berlin.
  • 2021    “The Locations of Theory,” American Comparative Literature Association, Virtual.
  • 2021    “The Literary Qurʾan,” Dartmouth College.
  • 2021     “The Literary Qurʾan,” Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • 2021    “The Literary Qurʾan,” Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, University of Toronto.
  • 2021    “The Literary Qurʾan,” Arabic Studies Seminar, Columbia University.
  • 2021    “The Literary Qurʾan,” Reading Muslims Workshop, Institute of Islamic Studies, University of Toronto.
  • 2020    “Literary Networks and Sensibilities in 20th Century Maghrebi Cultural Journals,” Modern Language Association, Seattle. 
  • 2020    “The Literary Qurʾan,” Department of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University.
  • 2020    “Qurʾanic Narratology: Literary Sensibilities in the Maghreb,” Department of French, University of California Berkeley.
  • 2019    “Printed Matter(s): Critical Histories of Maghrebi Cultural Journals,” Center for Near Eastern Studies, UCLA.
  • 2019    “The Literary Qurʾan: Narrative Ethics in the Maghreb,” Department of Comparative Literature, The University of Chicago.
  • 2019    “Theory’s Canon: Arab/ic Literary Criticism in the Maghreb,” Columbia University Global Center, Paris.
  • 2018    “Theorizing from Below: Culture and Critique in the Maghreb,” Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Chicago.
  • 2018    “Palestine and the Aesthetics of the Future-Impossible,” American Comparative  Literature Association, Los Angeles.
  • 2018     “The Ethics of Commitment: Iltizam in the Maghreb,” Thinking the Global South: A Critical Vocabulary for the Twenty-First Century, The Pennsylvania State University.
  • 2017    “Printed Matter(s): Culture and Critique in 20th Century Maghrebi Journals,” The Modern and Contemporary Studies Initiative (MCSI), The Pennsylvania State University.
  • 2017    “Sufi Epistemologies and Feminist Critique” Women’s Voices in the Mediterranean and Africa, Forum on Mediterranean and African Women, Fes, Morocco.
  • 2016    “Sufi Poetics and the Question of Narrative Form,” American Comparative Literature  Association, Cambridge.
  • 2015    “Carnivals of Heterodoxy: Exorcising Islam and the Nation in Abdelwahab Meddeb’s Talismano,” The Arab Studies Program in the Department of Asian Studies, UNC Chapel Hill.
  • 2015    “Un-Disciplining Maghrebi Literature: Adab and the Question of Literary Ethics,” Institute for Arts & Humanities (IAH), The Pennsylvania State University.
  • 2015    “Islam and the Literary Imagination in 20th Century North African Literature,” Center for Global Studies (CGS), The Pennsylvania State University.
  • 2015     “The Aesthetics of Resistance in Adania Shibli’s Masaas [Touch],” Modern Language Association, Vancouver.
Arts & Cultural Events
  • 2022    Organizer & Moderator: Gender is a Drag: A Performance & Conversation with Kabareh Cheikhats, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Chicago.
  • 2022    Discussant: Reading & Conversation with Hamid Ismailov, The Franke Institute, University of Chicago.
  • 2016    Organizer & Moderator: A Borrowed Identity Film Screening & Discussion with Sayyed Kashua, The Pennsylvania State University.
  • 2015    Organizer & Moderator: Cultural Production and the Question of African Identity, The Center for the Performing Arts, The Pennsylvania State University.
  • 2015    Co-Organizer: The Nile Project Artist Residency, The Center for the Performing Arts, The Pennsylvania State University.